October 2019 Ministry Update

Dear Faithful Partners & Friends,

   We have been traveling all of October, blessed with multiple missions conferences and many appointments. Additionally, we have also been able to schedule more meetings for 2020 calendar year.  During this time the Lord has gifted us several new partners for our needed monthly support as well as some commitments toward our initial set-up expenses. Thank you for your intercessions on our behalf this month!
      As we continue with deputation and the raising of our needed monthly support, we ask that you also pray for our fundraising toward initial set-up expenses. As we approach the Christmas offering season we would ask that you prayerfully consider adding us to your list of “special projects.”  If you are interested in contributing a one time gift and would like a detailed list of our needs please feel free to contact us.

In Christ,
The Evans Family
(Shaun, Christin, Kaitlyn, Kameron, & Wes)
Matthew 9:36-38

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