August 2020 Ministry Update

The need for the Good News in Sierra Leone hasn’t abated, and we remain committed to this end. With masks ever at the ready, we are still “going,” and God is honoring our efforts as we continue to add meetings and potentially gain additional ministry partners.  Yes, our Lord is still working—even in a pandemic.

“Fluid” has become the best description of life in general and deputation specifically. We laughingly say we only write our plans in pencil anymore. With the faithfulness of our partners as an encouragement, we remain steadfast in the work of deputation.  We are so close to reaching our support goals and ask that you pray for the addition of new ministry partners so that we can do what God has tasked us with doing– reaching Sierra Leone for Christ!

In addition, please pray for the following:

  1. The continued reopening of our scheduled and tentatively scheduled churches
  2. Smooth traveling for us as restrictions are made by state governments
  3. The relaxing of Sierra Leone’s stay-at-home order and the reopening of her borders

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