November 2020

October has been a busy month of meetings and conferences sharing God’s work in Sierra Leone. We are thrilled to conclude the month with new ministry partners and are optimistic that several more will soon be joining our support team! As we continue with our deputation travels, we would like to encourage you with the news of your answered prayers for our safety and health. Please, don’t stop what you’ve been doing! 

January 2021 is still the target for our big move. Through the generosity of many of you, our housing expenses, initial visas, mandatory vaccinations, shipping costs, and airfare have been provided. We have one, last, large item to purchase for our new home in Sierra Leone: a ministry vehicle. Please prayerfully consider what you may be able to contribute for this necessity.

Continuing prayer requests:

  • Reopening of international flights 
  • Wisdom in the logistics of moving preparations 
  • The ministry work of the national pastors in Sierra Leone 
  • A ministry vehicle for Sierra Leone

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to our family and the ministry in Sierra Leone!

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