April 2021 Update

Sierra Leone has been our home for more than a month now, and we are continuing to learn and grow in the culture and ministry here. We celebrated our first Resurrection Day in Africa with our new church family and, just last week, Shaun had an opportunity to speak to a group of young people at a military church camp and promote the Bible Institute. As Covid19 restrictions continue to soften here, we anticipate increased opportunities for ministry. 

We continue to  have new  and repeat visitors, and we praise God for them! One young man has regularly attended and is asking many questions since he first listened to a service from outdoors. While he hasn’t accepted Christ as his Savior, we remain hopeful.   

Please specifically pray for the following: 

  • The salvation of a Muslim youth who continues to visit church.
  • The salvation of our mechanic, a Muslim man named Mohammed.
  • God’s leading and wisdom as we work to strengthen and grow the local church here
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