November 2021

Wow! November has been a wonderful month! Eight believers followed Christ in baptism, 1 man professed Christ, a baby was dedicated, 40  attended the second game night, and 83 people (10 first-time visitors) worshipped with us at the special service of thanksgiving!  As we have moved into December, we are currently planning some special church events to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Our prayer is that people will be saved as we share the message of Hope! 

Recently the city of Freetown is filling with visitors as many Sierra Leoneans living outside the country return home for the holidays. While the traffic is outrageous at times and the electrical grid is overburdened, we are vividly reminded of the great opportunity we have to share the Good News. As we move into the Christmas season, we anticipate God continuing to work in big ways during this special time of year. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Discipleship of new believers & upcoming church events
  2. Property search for a new church plant & sports outreach ministry
  3. Our family and extended family in the US during this first Christmas season overseas
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