About Us

Shaun and Christin both came to know Christ in 2005 at a church revival. The next ten years was a time of spiritual growth and learning to be faithful and obedient in the areas they already knew God expected through His Word. This led to surrender to full time ministry, specifically missions in 2015. Shaun enrolled at Piedmont International University (now Carolina University) to receive his BA in Biblical Studies. While pursuing his bachelor’s degree, God began to place a burden for West Africa on Shaun and Christin’s hearts. Neither Shaun nor Christin come from a ministry background. He had held a management position as part of a local family business in the construction trade for over 15 years while Christin taught middle school English with a degree from the University of South Carolina. They are just normal, everyday people attempting to honor God with their lives by pursuing the call He has placed on them for the people of Sierra Leone. The Evans family has been serving the Lord on the field since February of 2021.

The Kid Missionaries

Kaitlyn (16): She is our witty, brownie-loving, first born! Kaitlyn is very driven and studious with an interest in medicine and currently serves in children’s Sunday school class.
Kameron (14): She sees the world through an artist’s eye and makes the best silly faces! Kameron has a compassionate heart serves in children’s Sunday school class.
Wes (12): He is our true extrovert and loves a good joke! Wes makes friends easily and serves on the church’s media team.

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