March 2022 Ministry Update

Hello Friends & Ministry Partners!

The past weeks have brought the heat of the dry season as well as its many complications for the residents of Sierra Leone. Power outages and water shortages touch everyone. Additionally, drastic fuel price increases and inflation have led to panic, strikes and protests, and now a deficit. Even so, ministry continues. 

At church, we celebrate the growth of the discipleship class from two to sixteen people, and thank the Lord for continued visitors as well as the stalwart faithfulness of many within the church. Personally, our family is encouraged to witness the difference Jesus continues to make in the lives of those at New Beginnings Baptist Church. 

Additionally, we have recently begun an outreach to a local women’s center. Christin, with the help of Kaitlyn and Kameron, visits each Monday afternoon with an activity for all to enjoy. As is common in Sierra Leone, these women represent a variety of tribes, spiritual beliefs, and languages. By spending time, showing love, and building relationships, the goal is to introduce these girls and women to Jesus.

As we continue into April, please continue to pray over the following:

  • Continued discipleship of current and new believers
  • Ongoing property search for a new church plant and sports ministry
  • Outreach to the women’s center
  • Peaceful resolution to the current situation in-country and wisdom as we continue to minister during these challenging times.
  • Upcoming Easter services 

January/February 2022 Ministry Update

Hello Friends & Ministry Partners
After the busyness of the holiday season, we have enjoyed the return of a regular routine throughout January and February. Even so, most weeks we have welcomed multiple, first-time visitors to the Sunday services and rejoice in the growing attendance of Wednesday night Bible study. This is particularly exciting to witness as Shaun continues challenging the church to BE THE CHURCH.

February brought a special guest: Christin’s father. He visited for ten days, and in addition to family time with us, participated in the church’s “game night”, Saturday afternoon evangelism/outreach, and church services. This month, which marks our one year anniversary here in Sierra Leone, is a sweet reminder of God’s sufficient care of our family as we continue to build a life in West Africa and learn the nuances of ministry here. As we continue scheduling outreach events with the dual goals of increasing church involvement in evangelism and saturating the Babadorie community with Jesus Christ, we delight in 1200 gospel tracts distributed, two positive responses to Jesus Christ, two young men registered for discipleship, and the best attended “game night” to date (57)!

As we move forward into our second year in Sierra Leone, please continue to pray over the following:
• Continued discipleship of current and new believers
• Ongoing property search for a new church plant and sports outreach ministry

November 2021

Wow! November has been a wonderful month! Eight believers followed Christ in baptism, 1 man professed Christ, a baby was dedicated, 40  attended the second game night, and 83 people (10 first-time visitors) worshipped with us at the special service of thanksgiving!  As we have moved into December, we are currently planning some special church events to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Our prayer is that people will be saved as we share the message of Hope! 

Recently the city of Freetown is filling with visitors as many Sierra Leoneans living outside the country return home for the holidays. While the traffic is outrageous at times and the electrical grid is overburdened, we are vividly reminded of the great opportunity we have to share the Good News. As we move into the Christmas season, we anticipate God continuing to work in big ways during this special time of year. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Discipleship of new believers & upcoming church events
  2. Property search for a new church plant & sports outreach ministry
  3. Our family and extended family in the US during this first Christmas season overseas
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