March 2021 Update

We have arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone! On February 20, 2021, we climbed down from the plane onto African soil. God granted us smooth travels and multiple, negative Covid19 tests, allowing us to continue to our residence and granting full mobility throughout the city. Since landing here two weeks ago, we have been learning our new home by exploring the city  and joining the ministry work. We received our shipping container safely and our belongings seem to be fine!

Currently, Shaun is leading services at a local church plant, and our children have begun attending Sunday school class. We are thrilled to share the salvation of one young man after our first service there! Just this past Sunday, the church had a new visitor. We give the Lord praise for these two men and our family’s welcome by this body of believers.

As we continue forward in the work here, please specifically pray for the following: 

  • Renewed evangelistic vigor for both the national pastors and local believers
  • Our family and Shaun’s extended family as we mourn the loss of his mother and rejoice in her presence with the Lord 
  • Our family as we adjust to a new home, culture, and ministry responsibilities.

February 2021 Update

Lord willing, the next prayer letter you receive will be sent from Sierra Leone! With our shipping container currently floating across the Atlantic Ocean and having received our initial, negative Covid19 tests, our family is planning to travel in just a few days.  We are finalizing our arrangements and finishing the packing of our suitcases as we say, “see you later” to our family and friends. 

During our extended time in South Carolina, we had several opportunities to share Christ and encourage others with His call on our lives. We both taught a young-married Sunday school class while Shaun later spoke on foreign missions at Florence Christian School (Shaun’s alma mater) and preached in our home church’s Spanish worship service. On a personal note, we were thrilled to watch our son, Wes, follow Jesus in baptism!  While unplanned, God allowed these extra weeks home to be profitable. 

We ask your specific prayers in the following areas:

  • Protection of our belongings during their transit and arrival through customs
  • Safe and negative Covid19 tests (2 of them per person) upon arrival in Sierra Leone
  • Travel mercies during our 24 hour trip from South Carolina to Sierra Leone
  • Renewed evangelistic vigor for the national pastors and local believers

December/January 2021 Update

Happy New Year! We are greeting 2021 with excitement because we know and trust Who is in control! Our family is focusing on the process of moving to Sierra Leone. As you can imagine, it has been a busy time for certain, and we crave your prayers for the upcoming weeks. 

As we plan our move, we–like you–have not escaped the complications of this turbulent time. There have been unexpected hurdles with both our shipping container and our ability to travel internationally this month, causing us to push back our original launch dates. While we are navigating these issues and plan to travel soon, concrete dates are not currently available to us. Although we are a little discouraged by the delays, we are trusting in God’s plan and His perfect timing.  Thank you for your faithfulness in support and prayer!

Please pray specifically for:

  • Completion of our shipping arrangements is soon concluded
  • Protection of our belongings through transit (sea and air), immigration and customs
  • We test negative for Covid19 both before travel and twice upon arrival
  • Our families and us as we conclude our time in the states
  • The ministry, national pastors, and people in Sierra Leone

December 2020

We pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are geared up for the Christmas season!  Our family has exciting news to report: We have scheduled our flights to Sierra Leone! As of now, January, 17, 2021, is our travel date, having us arrive in West Africa on the evening of January 18. As you can imagine, clicking “purchase” on these tickets was a thrilling, yet surreal, moment. Many of you contributed to our initial moving expenses. It is because of you that our airline tickets are purchased, we are buying and packing home goods, and our container will be sent out by the end of the month. Thank you!
    This past month the Lord blessed us with several new ministry partners as we begin wind down our deputation schedule.  We look forward to being on the field soon and we are incredibly thankful for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support!  

With this in mind, please pray for the following:

  • A smooth packing and shipping process
  • Purchase of a vehicle for Sierra Leone in the next two weeks
  • Our flights to remain uninterrupted

Merry Christmas to you all! 

November 2020

October has been a busy month of meetings and conferences sharing God’s work in Sierra Leone. We are thrilled to conclude the month with new ministry partners and are optimistic that several more will soon be joining our support team! As we continue with our deputation travels, we would like to encourage you with the news of your answered prayers for our safety and health. Please, don’t stop what you’ve been doing! 

January 2021 is still the target for our big move. Through the generosity of many of you, our housing expenses, initial visas, mandatory vaccinations, shipping costs, and airfare have been provided. We have one, last, large item to purchase for our new home in Sierra Leone: a ministry vehicle. Please prayerfully consider what you may be able to contribute for this necessity.

Continuing prayer requests:

  • Reopening of international flights 
  • Wisdom in the logistics of moving preparations 
  • The ministry work of the national pastors in Sierra Leone 
  • A ministry vehicle for Sierra Leone

Thank you for your continued faithfulness to our family and the ministry in Sierra Leone!

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