February 2020 Ministry Update

Hello Friends and Ministry Partners!

The first month of this new decade is finished, and we are on count-down for our launch date September. We praise the Lord for many things:

The provision of new partners from our recent appointments in January.  A full schedule with and multiple upcoming mission conferences. 
The salvation of a new soul last week

Through the generosity of many of you, we only lack $6,000.00 to meet our set-up expense needs! If you would like to contribute in helping us get to the field, just click on the “Donate” button below. God is good and is answering your prayers for our family in health, travel, and accomplishing our goals to reach Sierra Leone. Please continue to remember us before the Lord. Here is how you can pray:

  • God will continue supply our needs and give us more partners in the mission.
  • Our calendar will stay full with meetings throughout the year until we reach the field in September.
  • The people of Sierra Leone will remain open and receptive to the Gospel.
  • People here in the US will respond positively to the Gospel and the Great Commission as we share it. 

January 2020 Ministry Update

Happy New Year to our dear Friends and Partners!

The new year brings us closer to Sierra Leone and the ongoing work there, and we are anticipating what the Lord has in store for both our family and the Sierra Leoneans. We thank our Father for His work through many of you this Christmas season, blessing us with half of our initial set-up expenses already!!! Because of this generosity, Shaun and Wes will be traveling to West Africa in June to secure housing for our family’s arrival as well as participate in the evangelistic efforts of the annual military conference held by Dr. Peper. Please continue in prayer that the remainder of our set-up expenses will be met in a timely fashion as well are the remainder of our monthly financial needs and also that we will reach our goal of arriving on the field by the first week of September.

Lastly, as we resume deputation travels this month, our schedule is mostly full through the month of March. We ask that you pray for further appointments for us in late Spring and early summer, continued travel mercies and health for our family, and that God will continue to use our family to sow the Gospel seed with those who cross our path as we travel.

November/December 2019 Ministry Update

    During this season of thanksgiving and Christmas, we find ourselves grateful for the many mercies of the Lord through His Son, Jesus. We have safely spent the past 11 months traveling over 35,000 miles- all without mishap or illness-and have gained many prayer and financial partners for our ministry in Sierra Leone.  All praise to our Father who provided all these things! Additionally, we are beginning to receive contributions toward our initial set-up expenses and are also continuing to schedule new appointments for the upcoming year.

    As always, we are blessed by your prayers on our behalf. As we approach the Christmas offering season, we would ask that you prayerfully consider adding us to your list of “special projects” to assist our family in getting to the field.  We have set a target date of arriving in Sierra Leone the first week of September 2020, but much work still needs to be done and needs met financially.  If you are interested in contributing a one-time Christmas gift and would like a detailed list of needs please contact us.  It is not too late to make a tax-deductible contribution before the New Year!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

October 2019 Ministry Update

Dear Faithful Partners & Friends,

   We have been traveling all of October, blessed with multiple missions conferences and many appointments. Additionally, we have also been able to schedule more meetings for 2020 calendar year.  During this time the Lord has gifted us several new partners for our needed monthly support as well as some commitments toward our initial set-up expenses. Thank you for your intercessions on our behalf this month!
      As we continue with deputation and the raising of our needed monthly support, we ask that you also pray for our fundraising toward initial set-up expenses. As we approach the Christmas offering season we would ask that you prayerfully consider adding us to your list of “special projects.”  If you are interested in contributing a one time gift and would like a detailed list of our needs please feel free to contact us.

In Christ,
The Evans Family
(Shaun, Christin, Kaitlyn, Kameron, & Wes)
Matthew 9:36-38

September 2019 Ministry Update

September brought us back to the East Coast. While we have been blessed with many appointments, we were also able to visit with family and friends and begin our first year as homeschoolers! Though God has filled most of this year’s calendar, we were able to squeeze in a few more appointments for 2019 and also begin scheduling meetings for 2020. 
   During our visits this month, we have already been affirmed by four new partners and received confirmation from some of our summer visits. God is so good to our family and we are right on track in reaching our support goals! We will be traveling for the months of October and November to the Northeast and Midwest. We covet your prayers for our family in health, new partners, schooling, travel, and opportunity to share Christ with those we meet along the way. 
  As we begin to approach the Christmas offering season we would ask that you prayerfully consider adding our family and ministry to your list of “special projects.”  We have begun the process of raising additional funds for our set up expenses and our goal is to have the funding for these expenses raised before May of 2020.  If you are interested in contributing a Christmas gift and would like a detailed list of our needs please feel free to contact us.

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