May 2019 Ministry Update

May has been an incredibly busy month! Shaun finished his degree, Christin and the children ended their school year, many weekends were filled with appointments, and planning for three months of deputation travels was underway. God continues to bless us with many opportunities to share the field of Sierra Leone and to continue growing our financial support. Thank you for your faithful prayers as we travel west throughout the summer as we have many many scheduled meetings spanning the Southwest and West Coast.

April 2019 Ministry Update

Dear Team Members,
April has been a busy and fruitful month–both here in states and abroad in Sierra Leone. First we have been blessed to add several new partners to our support team! In Sierra Leone, preparations are underway for the upcoming, annual military conference this June in Freetown.

As we begin the month of May, Christin and the children are finishing their last month of school, and we are preparing for three months of appointments on the West Coast. As of now, most of 2019’s calendar is full. God is so good! We need your prayer in some specific areas: preparations for the military conference, finishing well this school year, travel mercies and health, and scheduling of appointments for 2020.

In Christ,
Shaun, Christin, Kaitlyn, Kameron, & Wes Evans
Matthew 9:36-38

March 2019 Ministry Update

Thank you for your continued prayers for travel mercies! We are blessed to have had appointments for all of March’s Sundays. We even had an opportunity to gather with our Sierra Leone team, rejoicing in the work God is doing there and looking ahead to the work yet to be done. We are grateful to have our 2019 calendar almost completely filled and to be scheduling meetings for 2020.  We ask that you continue to pray for these visits and the future partners the Lord has for us.  

The Sierra Leone team at Grace Baptist Church in Winchester, KY with Pastor Pat Finley and his wife Pam

Mike Peper sharing the ministry and vision for reaching Sierra Leone with the Good News of Jesus Christ with the members at Grace Baptist Church in Winchester, KY.

February 2019

Dear Faithful Supporters,

February was filled with big changes for our family! We were blessed by the quick sale of our home, packed and moved into our new residence, and hit the road again to our first missions conference! Though we spent much of the month preparing for our move, we still managed to travel over 2,000 miles and see five new souls brought to salvation in Christ! God has been—and continues to be—so good to our family.

Through your generosity, Shaun is now able to leave his work of over thirteen years in order to in order dedicate himself full-time to the Sierra Leone ministry. Thank you for your continued prayer and support! As we enter March, our travel schedule increases. Please pray for safety on the road, continued good health, and the new supporters God sends to us.

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